654 Anambra Schools To Participate In Igbo Dance / Drama Competition


654 Anambra Schools To Participate In Igbo Dance / Drama Competition.

Nkiru Nwagbo. 

A total of 654 Primary and Secondary Schools would be participating in the Igbo Dance and Drama Competition in Anambra state.

Similarly Proprietors and stakeholders in the Educational and Entertainment sector have been charged to encourage the reading and studying of Igbo proverbs, norms and values among the up coming generation in order to protect the future of Igbo language and culture.

According to Ms Ify Nweri the founder and sponsor of the Maiden Edition of Ifemeluigbo Dance and Drama Competition held at Enugwu Agidi Secondary School in Njikoka local government area of Anambra , the Maiden Edition is the flag off of the project which would be replicated in all the Primary and Secondary Schools in the area.

She noted that early childhood development must include the teaching and encouraging of the children to take part in show casing the culture and traditions of their people in order to build self confidence among them .

"We must understand that "play" significantly impacts a child's development and is deeply rooted in cultural traditions. The aim of this program is to support our young people in showcasing their cultural creative arts talent and teach them how to develop a more profound appreciation for their cultural identity, as well as shape their cultural values"

"They also help in their physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Children who engage in traditional dance and activities are likely to have better memory retention and cognitive flexibility. Our Igbo cultural play and dance often involve memorising steps and patterns; this helps improve children's memory and cognitive skills"

"When we support our children in showcasing their creative skills, we give them the leeway to learn to express themselves creatively, which can help them build self-confidence and self-esteem. They also learn to work together in groups, cooperate with others, and communicate effectively"


"During Igbo cultural play activities, children can build their self-confidence, express their identity, and surpass their usual abilities, tendencies that are not always achievable in non-play environments"

"This is just a tip of the iceberg. This program will go round Anambra State, covering over 266 secondary schools and over 388 primary schools in Anambra State because people without knowledge of their history, origin, and culture are like trees without roots"

 "Play is therapeutic, particularly for children. Creative arts activities like cultural dance and drama are ways children can express themselves and heal from a traumatic incident or inner childhood trauma"

Speaking earlier the Principal of Enugwu Agidi Community Secondary School Mrs Thecla Azubuike expressed optimism that the program would go a long way in discovering young talents among school children.

"What took place here is remarkable and also symbolic in view of the fact that some children who are gifted in  entertainment would leverage of it to excell in life and I wish to urge my colleagues to key into this program because everyone would not be involved in white collar jobs" 

"Also our Town Union leaders and Traditional Rulers should also encourage such a program to save the culture and traditions of the Igbo people from going into extinction";

While presenting an address  Mrs Ekwy Thecla Azubuike the Principal of Community Secondary School Enugwu-Agidi on the occasion of the dancing competition cum cultural day between Community Secondary School Enugwu-Agidi and Community Secondary School Amawbia on 13th March, 2024 said''I want to commend our Solution Governor of Anambra State Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo who has been doing so much for the State, especially,in Education sector.May God bless and energise him immensely.

"My profound recognition goes to the Commissioner for Education Prof Ngozi Chuma Udeh.

"The presence of the Igwe  of Enugwu-Agidi and his cabinet -Igwe Michael Okeke Uche is highly appreciated and I want to thank them for their special support.(Agidi-City....Obodo oma)Dalu nu,dalu nu,dalu nu ooo.

"My gratitude,in a special way,goes to the Chairman of PPSSC Prof Nkechi Ikedigwu;her Secretary Mrs Benedine Ngozi Anagor;Member Awka Zone Dr Mrs Uche Okeke;Zonal Director Awka Zone Mrs Ngozi Chukwujekwu;all the Principal's present and the teachers as well.You are all welcome.

"Today is a special day indeed set aside for dancing cum cultural competition between Community Secondary School Enugwu-Agidi and Community Secondary School Amawbia.The aim is to promote and preserve the Igbo Culture.

"Today the students from the two schools will portray the rich culture of Igbo land.We Igbos are endowed with different beautiful cultures which if not preserved they will go into extinction.

"My tenor as the Principal is not up to one year but in this my regime my students came first in the dancing competition organised for all schools in Njikoka L.G.plA. this  last Christmas.Again I initiated this cultural group you are seeing today .

 "Establishment of Plantain and banana plantation is done by me.Planting of ornamental trees and flowers for beautification of the school and erection of the gigantic bill-board outside the gate are all done by me.

"My students are well known for speaking and writing Igbo, idioms, good character,nka na- uzu and so many other things that Igbo people are known for.All these are because of my presence.I give God the glory.

"Our students are ready and well prepared to present and demonstrate different types of things .

"Igbo culture (Omenala Igbo) will be like tomorrow because tomorrow never ends.

"May God bless everyone that brings out one' s time to be here and those that in one way or the other contributes to the success of this programme .she said.


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