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The man who saw tomorrow.

  The man who saw tomorrow. C.DON ADINUBA. IHIALA & THE CAMPAIGN FOR NEW STATES Presentation by C. Don Adinuba to the Ihiala Progress Union Summit held on Saturday, June 30, 2012, at IPU Hall, Ihiala.   I feel privileged to be among those invited by the leadership of the Ihiala Progress Union to address the generality of our people on the campaign for at least one new state to be created in the Southeast geopolitical zone of Nigeria. I am really honoured.   Advocates of a new state want an Orlu State which will be known as either Njaba State or Urashi State. The envisaged state will compromise the present Orlu senatorial zone in Imo State plus the present Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State. This means that the creation of the state will entail a boundary adjustment. The very nature of boundary adjustment makes the campaign of an Orlu State which will include Ihiala exceedingly difficult.   The truth is that it is unlikely any of the 40 requests for new states will be suc

Trees Are Fundamental To Wildlife And Economy - Odimegwu

  Trees Are Fundamental To Wildlife And Economy - Odimegwu  By Nkiru Nwagbo,  Anambra State Commissioner for Environment, Engineer Felix Odimegwu has affirmed that trees are fundamental to wildlife and our economy, as every element of nature plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance of our ecosystem, but none is more vital than the tree. The Commissioner stated this on Monday during the launching of Anambra State tree planting and urban forest action in Awka, the state capital. According to the Commissioner, "Trees are indispensable for the survival of all living beings.Thryy are the lungs of the Earth, serving as natural air filters and essential sources of oxygen. They act as natural air conditioners, providing habitat and protection for a multitude of species, including humans. "They provide fruits that feed humans, animals, and birds and are the primary source of raw materials for the paper and lumber industries. Additionally, they offer refuge and play areas for va

Boni Madubunyi (1933-2024), MFR: Embodiment of Success and Humility

Boni Madubunyi (1933-2024), MFR: Embodiment of Success and Humility   By C. Don Adinuba Despite founding Nigeria’s most successful hydrocarbon geophysical consulting firm and contributing significantly to the development of the oil and gas sector, Boniface Madubunyi, who died at 90 on May 13th in London, was practically unknown to the Nigerian public. That’s the way he wanted it. Very few persons anywhere can be so successful and yet so self-effacing, almost monastic in their lifestyle. Madubunyi, an engineer trained at the University of Manchester in the early 1960s who was given the Member of the Federal Republic (MFR) national honour under the President Olusegun Obasanjo administration, set up a geophysical firm, Mabon Geophysical Surveys Ltd, that competes effectively with Western ones. Statoil of Norway, now Equinor, Shell, and Chevron to name and some others invested in Nigeria’s offshore in 1992 based on data and analyses from Mabon. Madubunyi was the first Nigerian person to ow

Unveiling the Power of Thin Films: Revolutionizing Semiconductor Technology for a Smarter Future - Asishana Onivefu

  Unveiling the Power of Thin Films: Revolutionizing Semiconductor Technology for a Smarter Future - Asishana Onivefu Nkiru Nwagbo Awka Semiconductors have fundamentally transformed the world, powering advancements in electronics, automotive technology, medical equipment, security systems, and numerous other smart devices. One of the critical components in the fabrication of semiconductor devices is the thin film. These films are integral to a wide array of industrial applications, including solar cells, transistors, sensors, LEDs, contact metallization, and more. Their role is indispensable in ensuring the efficiency and functionality of modern electronic devices. Thin films are composed of one or more layers and play a pivotal role in semiconductor device fabrication. We found out that a Nigerian, Asishana, who is a researcher at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Delaware, is making significant strides in this field. His work focuses on the passivation