Anambra Residents warn Soludo oppositions not to distract ACTDA with unnecessary sentiment


Anambra Residents warn Soludo oppositions not to distract ACTDA with unnecessary sentiment.

By  Uche Ezeadigwe 


Some residents of Awka have warned political opposition's not to capitalize on the ongoing effort of giving the capital a facelift to mobilize against the present government.

According to them, the administration of governor Chukwuma Soludo through the Awka Capital Territory Development Agency, ACTDA is doing a great job that no past government had ever done in the state and so needs all support instead of instigating business owners to turn against the government.

They were reacting to the recent publication in some media outlets that vendors in the state were manhandled and displaced by ACTDA officials. 

Our correspondent who interacted with the people reports that they cautioned against anyone hitting up the polity for personal gains as against the general growth and interest of the masses which the present administration is working hard to establish.

Newspaper Vendors no doubt are critical and integral part of the society as they playvital role in the dissemination of information to the people.

This they do by ensuring that newspapers, magazines and some journals get to the people by strategically locating their stands withing a city.

However according to the respondents, as important as they could be, it is not enough reason for such class of respected vendors to  constitute nuisance in the society.

One of them, Mr Amanna Nwokike said development comes in both negative and positive ways hence the need for residents irrespective of their trade should comply by Government directives.

According to him, "it amounts to blackmail and foul cry for any vendor who is not properly located to blame such on Governments effort to do what is right".

For his part, Another ardent Newspaper reader, Mr John Akubueze said though he goes to read up information almost on a daily basis, he was in support that there should be a sacred cow when Government agency barks on any exercise aimed at sanitizing the streets.

He noted that it was more appropriate for vendors to allow the Government to remodel Awka into a modern city than what it used to be in the past.

Another respondent, Obiora Okoye said that it was the first time Awka Capital Territory Development Agency, ACTDA was being impactful and focused in doing their duties without collecting kickbacks and turning blind eye to anyone or group.

According to him, Mr Osy Onuko, the Managing Director of ACTDA being a son of the soil have proven that Government agency can embark on an activity and carry it out without fear or favour.

Speaking on the allegations and blackmail by displaced persons within the state capital, a Public Affairs Analyst Ozor Obi Ochije Moudilim, cautioned against politicizing a well thought out Government plan for mere self interests by private individuals.

According to him, it was laughable that politicians especially oppositions to the APGA Government will wait until people are displaced before they will claim to be remembering them for assistance.

"How can you claim you are representing the people, you will not do anything for them, until the state government begins enforcement of no street trading, you come out and beging to call them for assistance, is that not cheap and unfortunate?". You cannot win an election because you are pitching the traders against the Government.

Ozor Ochije Moudilim appealed to the people to support the administration of Governor Chukwuma Soludo as he makes frantic effort to develop Awka Capital Territory into a liveable prosperous Homeland that will be of interest to all.

"you cannot leave your stand and display on the road, when Government ask you tolerance , you say they are chasing you. The governor can not be doing a good job by constructing roads and then allow shanties, wares, goods and what have you to be littered on all the junctions and streets. No, it won't work"

Also speaking, another resident Mr Daniel  Umenwa regretted that the so called vendors were no longer concentrating in the sell of newspapers but rather always display, other items that don't even allow motorists and residents understand that they operate a newspaper stand.

He said often times, the vendors combine, selling of fruits, POS business, and also accommodate others who end up littering the bus stops or portions where they are.

In an interview, the Managing Director of ACTDA, Mr Onuko noted that some of the Newspaper vendors had been told severally to take their tables and wares off the road as such were causing major traffic on the ever busy junctions including that of Aroma axis but they refused to heed to the call.

Mr Onuko noted that no amount of propaganda and blackmail will derail the mission of the present administration which includes remodelling the state and the capital territory in particular into a liveable environment.


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