Orogbu Frowns at Demolition of Shops By Anambra Govt.


Orogbu Frowns at Demolition of Shops By Anambra Govt.

Prof  Lilian Oby Orogbu



The Member Representing Awka North and South Federal Constituency, Prof. Oby Lilian Orogbu, has frowned at the demolition and burning of traders’ goods in Awka, Anambra State by the state government.

In a state signed by herself, Orogbu who described the government’s action as barbaric expressed dismay and disappointment over " Soludo's brutality against petty traders".

According to the statement" Ụmụnne’m Ndị Awka North and South Federal Constituency,I am writing with profound dismay and utter disappointment to condemn the distressing events that occurred in Awka Capital Territory on Monday, when the Anambra State government, under the directive of Governor Chukwuma Soludo, and the Awka Capital Territory Development Authority (ACTDA), led by Mr. Ossy Onuko, demolished and burned the wares and properties of petty traders in the state.

"This is a barbaric and wicked act that shows no regard for the plight of the poor masses who are striving to make ends meet in this time of economic hardship. It is also a violation of the fundamental human rights of the traders to earn a living and provide for their families.

Continuing Prof Orogbu said" The state government, under the directive of Governor Chukwuma Soludo, claims that it is implementing the environmental laws to keep the state clean and orderly, but this is a lame excuse to justify their brutality and oppression. The state government has failed to provide alternative means of livelihood for the traders, or to create a conducive and regulated environment for their businesses.

"As a federal representative, I must defend the interests and welfare of my constituents, who are among the victims of this injustice. I condemn this act in the strongest terms and demand that the state government and the ACTDA immediately stop this harassment and intimidation of the traders. I also call for the compensation and rehabilitation of the affected traders, and the prosecution of those responsible for this atrocity.

"I call on all concerned stakeholders to step in and protect the traders' rights and dignity from this oppression. I also urge the public to stand with the traders and voice their opposition to this injustice. The traders are not lawbreakers, but diligent and obedient citizens who need our backing and empathy. They are not the foes of the state, but the pillars of our economy and society. They are not the trouble, but the answer . I appeal to Governor Soludo to rethink his actions, prioritize the people's welfare , and apply the laws with  kindness, providing alternatives and addressing the root causes of the people's challenges." Orogbu added. 


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