For new incentives; Anambra rallies her creative sector, set to hold Mega Art Exhibition on Wed 27th


For new incentives; Anambra rallies her creative sector, set to hold Mega Art Exhibition on Wed 27th

From Uchenna Eze


By contemporary and historical records Anambra State's treasure is in her creative industries is immense. 

The expo, Anambra Arts Mega Exhibition Solution is Here organised by the Anambra State Ministry of Culture, Entertainment and Tourism in conjunction with the Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA), Wednesday, September 27th through Saturday, September 30th at Oma Events Centre, Awka captures this. 

The showcase, holding under the theme, 'organic innovative solutions for economic prosperity,' also presents opportunity for the world to appreciate that special endowment of the state and savour new ideas from her creative people.

Features of the display are mainstream art pieces produced by artists in SNA; items of craft by craft producers in the state, and indigenous traditional artworks such as the works of the Awka guild of blacksmiths and native wood carvers along with cultural performances.

The exhibition encapsulates Anambra  abundant treasure in the arts. It presents ample chance for a good peep into what the state's creative industry can offer Nigeria's economy. 

Anambra State's Commissioner for Culture, Entertainment and Tourism, Comrade Don Onyenji and his team use the mega arts exhibition initiative to equally communicate a the vast areas of strength and opportunities of the state's very enterprising, creative people. 

According to him, the expo will offer good chance of discovery for art collectors as collectors, curators and critics who may not have seen the now seldom noticed smiths or traditional carvers in the state will have the chance to encounter and interact with them. The event will also push forward, for patronage, the contemporary artists based in the state, who do not always exhibit their art works in mainstream galleries across country. 

Anambra Arts Mega Exhibition, Solution is Here actually, comes as a harvest and bazaar of sort. It equally reawakens the art world's interest in fresh and current creative outputs from ndi Anambra.

Onyenji and his team use the initiative to poise government on the path it should ply projecting its own in the area it has comparative advantage against other states.

The four-day panoramic showcase presents a state whose vast potentials for a vibrant creative economy is not in doubt. It comes as an ample chance to pull together creative ideas that can offer solution that could foster development in Anambra for the world to appreciate. 

The 'Solution is Here' component in the exhibition's title, as the organisers explain, underscores the real economic mission behind it. 

Through it, the state governor, Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo seeks to offer solution to unemployment and poverty through creation of business opportunities for the artists and stakeholders of the sector in the land.


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