Sen. Ekwunife makes case for local government autonomy


Sen. Ekwunife makes case for local government autonomy.



Senator Uche Ekwunife of Anambra Central District has called for the financial autonomy of the local government areas across the country.

Ekwunife who made this public at the Nigerian Union of Journalists press conference in Awka said the financial autonomy of the council areas would battle the insecurity in the country and enhance infrastructural development in the rural areas.

According to Ekwunife" I want to go back in order to consolidate on the things I have done in terms of bills and motions.

"I have some bills that are very important to me such as the Local Government Financial Autonomy Bill . We have three tiers of government which are the Federal government, state government and the local government. When the federal government enjoys it's own autonomy the state enjoys it's own autonomy bur the local government is encumbered and that is the government that is closest to the people and that is the government that the people can fell their impact.

"That is the government that helps us to open up our communities. Today we are having pockets of killings and kidnapping. They do not happen in the urban areas but it happens at the rural areas and villages .

"It is the local government that will take charge of the security in the rural areas but they are not doing that because of these encumbrances which has deprived them of their autonomy. This is one bill that every Nigerian should make sure that local government gets it's own money.  It is those money local government that would be used to the affairs of our communities.

"They should be allowed to to determine what they want to do with their money and what the money is meant for. A situation where a local government chairman cannot have the capacity to enter into the rural communities to take care of their needs such as development, security, reduce poverty and open up the rural areas is regrettable.

"What we have here is transition committees that stay three months some six months or one year and once somebody knows that it is just three months he becomes so sycophantic to the governor so that his tenure can be extended. So if the chairman knows that he has four years he would want to satisfy his people in order to get reelected.

"Today I work to satisfy my people because I am not a product of any government, not the state government and not the federal government and that is why I am working hard so that I will win the trust of my Senatorial District.

"Go round Anambra Central go round Awka you will see a lot of projects going on. In the same Awka I have given out a lot of employments and empowerments 

So what we are doing are things that are there for everyone to see and confirm. I am not exaggerating because the facts are there for everyone to see. She added.


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