Why we began MOP2023...Digi Priest Team.


Why we began MOP2023...Digi Priest Team.

We began this #MOP2023 Project solely Màkà Ọganiru Ụmụowelle;

Yes, 100% for the Progress of My People..

Ndị Abagana, Abba and Nimo; and beyond!

In it, we've spent time, talent and treasure, made huge impact and touched lives;

We have garnered support from far and near, from many very positive beings as well as received attacks, insults and bits of blackmail, from a few negative humans! 

Thus, we can't be weakened by obstacles deliberately placed to deny our people the best;

Instead we'll be emboldened to make greater impact via better pathways! 

I can't thank enough all the persons that stood up for me, the people that stuck their necks out for me, fellows that reachedout to check on me;

And fans, supporters and party men and women who shared in the resulting agony! 

The "Not Cleared" to contest stand of our great party, APGA came as a huge shock to me, my team and many, especially the good people of Njikoka II State Constituency in Anambra State;

And I have been consulting them, the grassroots, critical Stakeholders as well as my mentors and benefactors, on the way forward! 

So, I'll drop an official statement by 10am tomorrow announcing my final decision;

A decision that will be best for me, for you, for us and for my people! 

Please stay tuned and have a pleasant evening cun night rest!

I'm still your dearest Digi-Priest,

Engr Ifeanyi ANIAGOH

Ọzọ Ọganiru Abagana na Ụmụ-Owelle. 



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