Don't play with Christians, we are not second class citizens in Nigeria... Arch Bishop Ibezim


 Don't play with Christians, we are not second class citizens in Nigeria... Arch Bishop Ibezim

The Arch Bishop of Awka Anglican Provence of the Niger and Arch Bishop of Awka Diocese Rt Rev Chibuzor Alexandra Ibezim has warned Nigerian politicians not to play with christians ahead of the 2023 general elections in the country.

Ibezim further warned that the concept of Muslim/ Muslim Presidential candidate and Running Mate would spell doom for the country contending that Nigeria needs christians to succeed.

Ibezim who spoke with reporters to mark his 60th birthday celebration said;

"Let me tell you, if Nigerians are going to succeed, the country should not play with christians and wheather you like it or not Christianity has suffered  persecution right from the days of Christ up till now .

But as for what is going on the church will always succeed and so it is in the interest of that the church succeeds .

Because any where the church doesn't succeed that place will go back to darkness and for the Muslim Muslim candidate or christian christian candidate it is important that christians should have a a say in government.

We are not second class citizens and by the time you find christians as second class citizens you are finished yourself; 

Continuing Ibezim posited ; 

I am looking at christian Muslim Ticket with christian up there and  Muslim under him and that is my position and for Nigeria to survive we must recognize the church and nobody fights the people of God and succeed.

Reacting to the report about Clerics that attended the All Progressives Congress APC rally Ibezim said; 

I don't blame them because when proliferation entered into the church many people call themselves Bishops and that is the effect of proliferation.

If you come to the Christian Association of Nigeria CAN many people come and claim to be Bishops and if you claim to be Bishop let it be that God has said but if it is not the wrath of God will visit you.

What they are doing is not of God and it is very satanic; he said.


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